Lemontree Eco Surfhouse

Yoga at lemontree

A little oasis where to practice yoga in Sagres

our classes

3 days a week 75 minutes of invigorating practice

Our classes take place just before sunset time so, the temperature is perfect. When you turn up at Lemontree, your yoga mat will be waiting for you in tranquility of the Lemontree backyard.
All the yoga material you need is provided by your hosts and the teacher will guide you through 45 minutes of Vinyasa flows followed by 30 minutes of Yin yoga.
At the end of the class, before saying goodbye, you will be offered a warm tea, to enjoy with the company of your yoga crew

the location

yoga between mareta and Tonel

The Lemontree Eco Surfhouse is right in the heart of Sagres. From our location, just after the yoga class, you will be able to walk over to Tonel for a sunset, or enjoy one of many bar and restaurants in town. If you were coming by bike, will store the bike for you, while if you were travelling by public transports, the buss stop is just 150 metres from the surfhouse

our space

Yoga under the lemontree

Our yoga deck is in the heart of the Lemontree Eco Surfhouse, so the space is made safe from wind, sun and rain. The smell of the lemontree and the wood of the platform will make your experience delightful

The teacher

A yogi and a surfer

Out teacher Lucia, is simply one of the sweetest souls around. Under the kind smile there is an energetic teacher with 700 hours of experience. On top of it, she is also a great surfer and a true water woman. After a class with her, we are not really sure if you'll be able to stop

Eco Friendly Material

yoga with an eye for the environment

At Lemontree we really wanted to use only eco-friendly yoga materials.
Thanks to an mazing cooperation with Aiyo Yoga we were finally to do so.
Have a look at their beautiful equipment and get yourself a discount with the code: Lemotree10

our nature

Our goal is to offer an experience that goes beyond a simple yoga class. We want to transport you in the Lemontree dimension, where happiness is achieve though movement, authentic food and complicity with nature

The Surfhouse

A temple of relaxation

If you were looking for an experience beyond the yoga class, Lemontree Eco Surfhouse offers lodging too.
The smell of our organic breakfast will be your allarm in the morning. A surf lesson will be the daily adventure and a yoga class at sunset will be your cool down to find alignment again

Surf and Skate lessons

always moving on your board

If you would like to challenge yourself with group and private surf & skate lessons, from first timers to advanced, you are in the right place